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Heavy Duty Umbrella


At Project Shade we are proud to supply the UltraShade Heavy Duty umbrella. The construction of the shade utilizes superior design and materials. The product is able to withstand the rigours of the most demanding conditions. This means our Heavy Duty umbrella range has earned official ‘wind rated’ status to suit almost any severity of wind conditions. This umbrella is very strong ideal as a patio umbrella or pool umbrella in high wind areas in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Checkout our Wind Rated Heavy Duty umbrellas in vicious storm.

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Umbrellas in action

Cafe Umbrella

The UltraShade Cafe Umbrella range is the ideal shade solution for any home or cafe setting. It is specially designed for simplicity and reliability. Whether it be in a place of business or your home this umbrella will provide you with the shade you are looking for. 

The Cafe range is made using the same construction techniques as our Commercial range, therefore proving a very durable and long lasting product. The umbrellas utilise a unique auto-Locking rope pulley system that allows for very easy opening and closing. Use the Cafe umbrella on your patio umbrella or as a pool umbrella aswell.


Cantilever Umbrella

The UltraShade Side Post Umbrella range allows maximum versatility. The unique design, allowing 360 degree rotation, means the umbrella can be positioned to provide shade depending on the sun position or customer preference. 

Side Post umbrellas are most commonly used beside swimming pools so they can be turned to shade different parts of the pool or a nearby BBQ area. However it can also be used in a range of situations where a centre pole umbrella is unsuitable.
These umbrellas are constructed using marine grade stainless steel and nylon fittings for reliability and ease of use. 

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Australian Product

The UltraShade umbrellas that Project Shade supply have been completely built in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia for 30 years
Each umbrella is made to customer specifications i.e. colour, shape and size

Guarantee Satisfaction

Ultrashade Umbrellas can carry a complete repair/replacement warranty for up to 5 years!

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